Te Wahipounamu-Southwest New Zealand : 자연 ,1990, New Zealand
- 뉴질랜드 남서쪽에 위치한 공원  
- 연속적인 피요르드(높은 단애사이의 峽江) 빙하현상, 바위가 많은 연안의 깎아 지른듯한 절벽, 호수와 폭포들이 하나의 거대한 장관을 이룸  
- 공원의 2/3정도가 수령 800년된 너도밤나무 숲으로 뒤덮여 있고 희귀조인 앞파인 앵무새의 서식처이기도 함
The landscape in this park, situated in south-west New Zealand, has been shaped by successive glaciations into fjords, rocky coasts, towering cliffs, lakes and waterfalls. Two-thirds of the park is covered with southern beech and podocarps, some of which are over 800 years old. The kea, the only alpine parrot in the world, lives in the park, as does the rare and endangered takahe, a large flightless bird.

NewZealand-UNESCO World Heritage


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