Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos : 문화, 1990, Bolivia
- 치키토스 영토내에 1696-1760년 사이 예수회에 의해 설립된 선교단 건물  
- 카톨릭과 전통적 건축이 잘 조화를 이루고 있으며 성 프란시스코 자이에르, 성 미구엘, 성 라파엘, 성 호세 등이 살아있는 유산으로서의 가치를 부가했음  

Between 1696 and 1760, six ensembles of reducciones (settlements of Christianized Indians) inspired by the ‘ideal cities’ of the 16th-century philosophers were founded by the Jesuits in a style that married Catholic architecture with local traditions. The six that remain – San Francisco Javier, Concepción, Santa Ana, San Miguel, San Rafael and San José – make up a living heritage on the former territory of the Chiquitos.

Bolivia-UNESCO World Heritage


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