03Bayan Har Mountains.jpg
중국 Bayan Har Mountains 巴颜喀拉山脉
Qinghai, China
The Bayan Har Mountains (bā yán kā lā shān mài 巴颜喀拉山脉) are situated on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in remote Qinghai Province (qīng hǎi shěng 青海省). Reaching altitudes of 5,700 meters, these pristine glacial peaks form the source of China’s mighty Yellow River (huáng hé黄河), known as the “Cradle of Chinese Civilization”. As a name with Mongolian roots, Bayankala means “Mountain of Abundance”. To us, it represents a journey to the source of purity and the epicenter of Chinese curative wisdom.


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