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중국 Jiangxi Province Travel Guide
Jiangxi, China
Jiangxi (jiāng xī 江西), also called "Gan (gàn 赣)" for short, is one of China's inland provinces. It is located in the southeastern part of the country, on the southern bank of the Yangtze River,with a Population of 44 millions (A.D. 2008). Hills and mountains account for 60 per cent of the province's total area. It borders Zhejiang (zhè jiāng 浙江) and Fujian (fú jiàn 福建) in the east, Guangdong (guǎng dōng 广东) in the south, Hunan (hú nán 湖南) in the west and Hubei (hú běi 湖北) and Anhui (ān huī 安徽) in the north, covering a total area of 166,900km2. With numerous rivers and streams, fertile soil and a dense population, it is known as the "granary south of the Yangtze River". It's provincial capital is Nanchang (nán chāng 南昌).


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