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중국 Three Gorges 三峡
Hubei, China
The Yangtze River (Chángjiāng 长江), over 6,300 kilometers long, is the largest and longest river in China, and the third-longest in the world, next only to the Nile in northeast Africa and the Amazon in South America. And the most impressive section of the river is the Three Gorges (sānxiá 三峡): Qutang Gorge (qútángxiá 瞿塘峡), Wuxia Gorge (wūxiá 巫峡) and Xiling Gorge (xīlíngxiá 西陵峡). The three gorges stretch from Baidicheng (báidìchéng 白帝城)in Fengjie County (fèngjiéxiàn 奉节县), Chongqing (chóngqìng 重庆) Municipality eastward for 192 kilometers to Nanjinguan (nánjīnguān 南津关) in Yichang (yíchāng 宜昌) City, Hubei Province. However, it is not a single entity and most sections are separated by broad valleys. The aggregate length of the gorge section: Qutang, Wuxia and Xiling gorges, is 90 kilometers.


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