01The Xianling Mausoleum.jpg
중국 The Xianling Mausoleum 显陵
Hubei, China
The Xianling Mausoleum (xiǎn líng 显陵) is located in a cypress valley in Songlin Mountain (sōng lín shān 松林山), 7.5 kilometers from Zhongxiang  City (zhōng xiáng shì 钟祥市), Hubei Province (hú běi shěng 湖北省). It used to be called the Imperial Mausoleum (dì líng 帝陵). It occupies an area of 183.15 hectares while the additional defensive walls outside the city walls are 3600 meters in length. It is the largest of the 18 Ming imperial tombs. Built in 1520 and completed 20 years later, the mausoleum belonged to Zhu Youyuan (zhū yòu yuán 朱祐杬), the father of Emperor Shizong (shì zōng 世宗) of the Ming (míng 明) Dynasty (1368-1644), and his mother, surnamed Jiang (jiǎng 蒋). It was the first imperial tomb in China to be inscribed by UNESCO on the World Cultural Heritage List.


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