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중국 Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot 灵山胜境
Jiangsu, China
Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot (líng shān shèng jìng 灵山胜境) is a special large theme park of Buddhism, located in Wuxi City (wú xī shì 无锡市). As the symbol of Wuxi tour, Lingshan has been a popular scenic spot on the tour route in East China and the Buddhist tourist attraction well-known at home and abroad. Nearly 2 million visitors from all over the world have visited Lingshan each year. Construction of Lingshan begun in 1994, Lingshan Scenic Spot is composed of Lingshan Grand Buddha (líng shān dà fó 灵山大佛)---- the world tallest copper standing statue of Skyamuni , Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha ((jiǔ lóng guàn yù 九龙灌浴), a group of large-sized dynamic musical sculptures; and a series of well-designed Buddhist scenic spots.


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