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중국 Tiananmen Square 天安门广场
Beijing, China
Tiananmen SquareTian'anmen Square (tiān ān mén guǎng chǎng 天安门广场) is the heart and symbol of Beijing and is the biggest square in the world. Tiananmen ( Gate of Heaven Peace ), which is on the north of the square, is originally the frontispiece of the imperial city of Ming and Qing Dynasties, constructed in the fifteenth year of Ming Yong Le. The original name of it is the Gate of Heavenly Succession (Chentianmen), which means shouldering the duty from the Heaven. In the eighth year of Emperor Shunzhi (shùn zhì dì 顺治帝) of Qing dynasty it was reconstructed and got its name Tian An Men Rostrum. Tiananmen Rostrum is 33.7 meters high, it is a peak city gate tower with double eaves. The Rostrum is nine Ying wide and five rooms deep. Numbers nine and five symbolize the most superiorily.


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