07Shanghai's Ocean Aquarium Park.jpg
중국 Shanghai's Ocean Aquarium Park
Shanghai, China

"Down by the sea, in an Octopus's garden..." While it's not exactly an Octopus garden, if you like watching fish, touching sharks or winking at alligators, the Ocean Aquarium Park is the next best thing to for flying out to the tropical reefs or tip-toeing in the mangroves to find such water creatures. The Aquarium is one of Asia's biggest underwater worlds and makes a great day out for your kids ¨C or if you're a big kid yourself. You can marvel at the fish with your mouth open, even if you find the faint smell of fish around you a little hard to digest. The aquarium is designed with a set course, so you're obliged to pass by all the species on display. Rather than being stressful, this makes the whole experience relaxing, as there's no fear of being lost at sea... 


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