07Xuanmiaoguan Taoist Temple.jpg
중국 Xuanmiaoguan Taoist Temple
Jiangsu, China    
Located in the Guanqian Street (guān qián jiē 观前街) in Suzhou City (sū zhōu shì 苏州市), Xuanmiaoguan Taoist Temple (xuán miào guàn 玄妙观), also called Temple of Mystery, was constructed in 276 A.D, during Western Jin Dynasty (xī jìn 西晋). It was originally called Zhenqing Taoist Temple (zhēn qìng dào yuàn 真庆道院), and changed its name into Xuanmiaoguan Taoist Temple in the year 1264. It expanded in the Song Dynasty (sòng cháo 宋朝, 960-1279), when it reached its greatest size. At that time, there are more than 30 halls in the temple. However, as time goes by, there are 23 halls. Nowadays, the Xuanmiaoguan Taoist Temple is worshiped widely in Suzhou City rather than the Buddhist Temple.


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