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중국 Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum 北京石刻博物馆
Beijing, China
Zhenjue Temple Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum (běi jīng shí kè bó wù guǎn 北京石刻博物馆) specializeds museum in collecting, preserving, researching and displaying stone carving artifacts founded in the Beijing area. The museum is located at the site of Zhenjue Temple(Five Pagodas Temple), 24 Wutasi, Baishiqiao Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

The red walls, grey tiles, old trees, and ancient pagodas are set off in peaceful and seclusion. The new display has two parts, Outdoor Stone Carving Showcase and Indoor Galleries of Beijing Stone Carving Culture Exhibition, Stone Carving Gems in Beijing, Beijing Stone Carving Investigation&Conservation Achievements, and Vajrasana Exhibition at Zhenjue Temple. The museum can be called Beijing's Stone Carving Forest. These stone artifacts outline the stone carving cultural history of Beijing.


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