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중국 Jianshui - the Historic and Cultural City
Yunnan, China
Located in southern Yunnan (yún nán 云南), north of middle reaches of Honghe River (hóng hé 红河), Jianshui County (jiàn shuǐ xiàn 建水县) neighbors Mile (mí lè 弥勒), Kaiyuan (kāi yuǎn 开远), Gejiu (gè jiù 个旧) in the east, Yuanyang (yuán yáng 元阳) in the south, Shiping (shí píng 石屏) in the west, and Tonghai (tōng hǎi 通海) and Huaning (huá níng 华宁) in the north. It is 220 kilometers from Kunming (kūn míng 昆明). The climatic condition is pleasant, neither hot in summer nor cold in winter. Here, the land is vast and fertile, the climate is moderate and mild. It is the well-known hometown of grain and sugarcane (liáng zhè zhī xiāng 粮蔗之乡) and an amazing place with mix culture of central plains and border.


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