04Tongli Ancient Town.jpg
중국 Tongli 同里 Ancient Town
Jiangsu, China
Located at the bank of Tai Lake (tài hú 太湖), with eight lakes surrounded, Tongli (tóng lǐ 同里) is an ancient town famous for its beautiful scenery. The town is divided into 7 parts by 15 small rivers. All the parts are connected by 49 ancient bridges, making these parts an integrated area. Most of the architectures in Tongli are built by riverside, famous for “small bridge, flowing stream and thatched households” (xiǎo qiáo liú shuǐ rén jiā 小桥流水人家). Tongli is the best-reserved ancient town by riverside as well as the key cultural relics protection unit of province level, which has been listed as one of 13 scenic spots of Tai Lake.


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