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중국 Jiankou Great Wall 箭扣长城
Beijing, China  
Jiankou Great Wall (jiàn kòu cháng chéng 箭扣长城) is located to the northwest of Zhenzhuquan Village (zhēn zhū quán cūn 珍珠泉村), Bohai Town (bó hǎi zhèn 渤海镇), Huairou County (huái róu xiàn 怀柔县) of Beijing City (běi jīng shì 北京市), no more than 100 kilometers away from the urban area of Beijing. It is well known for its steepness. Jiankou Great Wall is like a huge dragon among the mountains, and has long enjoyed a good reputation among the mountain-climbing fans. The complex and varied terrains and landforms attract people from home and abroad. You will meet the professional climbers, the tourists who go sight-seeing as well as the old people.


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