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중국 Magic Tibet Ⅰ-- Potala Palace 布达拉宫
Tibet (Xizang,) China
The site was used as a meditation retreat by King Songtsen Gampo (sōng zàn gān bù 松赞干布), who built the first palace there in 637 in order to greet his bride Princess Wen Cheng (wén chéng gōng zhǔ 文成公主) of the Tang Dynasty (táng cháo 唐朝)  of China.

Lozang Gyatso (luò sāng jiā cuò 洛桑嘉措), the Great Fifth Dalai Lama (wǔ shì dá lài lǎ mā 五世达赖喇嘛), started the construction of the Potala Palace (bù dá lā gōng 布达拉宫) in 1645 after one of his spiritual advisers, Konchog Chophel , pointed out that the site was ideal as a seat of government, situated as it is between Drepung and Sera monasteries and the old city of Lhasa. The Dalai Lama and his government moved into the Potrang Karpo (White Palace, bái gōng 白宫) in 1649. Construction lasted until 1694, some twelve years after his death. The Potala was used as a winter palace by the Dalai Lama from that time. The Potrang Marpo (Red Palace, hóng diàn 红殿) was added between 1690 and 1694. 


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