중국 Cangzhou 沧州 : Hometown of Acrobatics  
Hebei, China
Cangzhou (cāng zhōu 沧州) is an ancient city with long history. The Grand Canal (dà yùn hé 大运河) is passing through its territory from the north to the south for about 214 kilometers. The rich and generous culture left over from the ancient times has melted together the hometown of acrobatics, martial arts, casting, Ya pear, golden-thread jujubes, winter jujubes and the First Hometown of Overseas Chinese. These have made up a colorful and fascinating picture of folk customs along the Grand Canal. One of the original places for Pan Gu (pán gǔ 盘古) to create the universe in Chinese mythology just lies in Pangu Town, Qingxian (qīng xiàn 青县) County. Since ancient times, many dynasties set up district or county administration within the territory of Cangzhou.


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