중국 Magic Tibet Ⅲ-- Norbulingka 罗布林卡
Tibet (Xizang,) China
Norbulingka (luó bù lín kǎ 罗布林卡), means 'Treasure Park' in Tibet (xī zàng 西藏), is situated in the western suburb of Lhasa City (lā sà shì 拉萨市), at the bank of the Kyichu River (jí qū hé 吉曲河). Norbulingka is a palace and surrounding park in Lhasa, Tibet which served as the traditional summer residence of the successive Dalai Lamas (dá lài lǎ mā 达赖喇嘛) from the 1780s up until the PRC takeover in the late 1950s. Each summer, the Dalai Lama led his officials there to conduct government affairs and hold religious activities.


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