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중국 Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area 雪窦山
Zhejiang, China
Xuedou Mountain (xuě dòu shān 雪窦山), located at the northwest of Xikou Town (xī kǒu zhèn 溪口镇), Fenghua City (fèng huà shì 奉化市), Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省), with an altitude of 800 meters, is the highest peak of the ranges of the Siming Moutain (sì míng shān 四明山). There is a hole in the mountain, from which there is a spring which is milky white, thus the spring is called Milky Spring (rǔ quán 乳泉), and the hole is called Xuedou (xuě dòu 雪窦, means milky white). Therefore, the mountain is given the name of Xuedou Mountain.


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