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중국 Shanghai Grand Theater
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Grand Theater is located at 190, Huangpi Road (huáng pí lù 黄陂路) on the west of the People’s Square (rén mín guǎng chǎng 人民广场). The building was designed by French architect Jean-Marie Charpentier and altcovers a floor area of 11,528 m². Interior design was by Studios Architecture.

It was opened in 1998. On the top of the theater are outdoor theaters and a mid-air garden, which are in the shape of a treasure bowl, symbolizing the broad-mindedness of Shanghai in attracting the cultural art of the world. The Grand Theater has a total floor space of 70 thousand square meters, inside which are three theaters. The lyric theater, which has 1,800 seats, is for the performance of ballets, musicals and symphonies. It consists of a main state of 728 square meters, a rear stage of 360 square meters and a left and right wings of 257 square meters respectively, all of which can be moved, lifted, sloped and rotated. In addition, the Grand Theater is also equipped with orchestra pits (yuè chí 乐池) that can be raised and electric setting booms.


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