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중국 Matteo Ricci's tomb 利玛窦陵墓
Beijing, China
Matteo Ricci's tombMatteo Ricci's tomb (利玛窦陵墓 Lì Mǎdòulíngmù) is located two miles from the west gate of the Beijing city. Ricci died in Beijing in June 1610 at the age of 58. According to the code of the Ming Dynasty, foreigners who died in China had to be buried in Macao. The Jesuits made a special plea to the court, requesting a burial plot in Beijing in view of Ricci' s contributions to China. Emperor Wanli (wàn lì 万历) of the Ming Dynasty granted his permission and designated a Buddhist temple, which had been appropriated from a court eunuch for the purpose. The tomb is of the shape of a small hill. The title on the tomb reads, '1610, Pioneer of Christian Missionary'. There is a cross carved on the tomb with inscription in both Latin and Chinese. On the two sides are the tombs of Ferdinand Verbiest, and Jojann Adam Scall von Bell. Due to Ricci's achievements in China, Chinese people regard the tomb highly and has been doing a good job in up-keeping it and protecting the tomb from vandalism.


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