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중국 Changling Tomb 长陵
Beijing, China  
Located at the foot of the southern slope of the highest peak of Tianshou Mountain, the Changling Tomb (cháng líng 长陵) is the place where the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty (míng cháo 明朝) (1368—1644), Zhu Di (zhū dì 朱棣) and Empress Xu were buried together. He ruled China from 1402 to 1422. Zhu Di was the Emperor who built the Forbideen City (zǐ jìn chéng 紫禁城), commissioned the Great Dictionary of Yongle (yǒng lè dà diǎn 永乐大典) and sent the eunuch Admiral Cheng He to South-East Asia, Ceylon, India, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.


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