중국 Huludao 葫芦岛
Liaoning, China
Huludao (hú lú dǎo 葫芦岛), also called Jinxi (jǐn xī 锦西) in the past, is a very important city between Beijing and Shenyang. Huludao shapes as a gourd, in Chinese we call it Hulu, and so it gets the name Huludao. It neighbors Pohai in the south, Chaoyang (cháo yáng 朝阳) in the north, Jinzhou (jǐn zhōu 锦州) in the east and Shanhaikwan in the west which give the name of the first city outside the pass. Excellent beach and sand make it enjoyable to come here in summer. Except the beautiful landscape, it has a lot of relics of different ages. People here are enthusiastic and kind, you will have a great time visiting here.


역사년표Map BC -AD 1 -600 -1000 -1500 -1800 -1900 -1950 -1980-현재 (1945년이후 10대뉴스)

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