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중국 Siping City 四平
Jilin, China
Siping (sì ping 四平) City, located in the hinterland of Songliao (sōng liáo 松辽) Plain, east to the branch of Changbai (cháng bái 长白) Mountains and west to Inner Mongolia Horqin (kē ěr qìn 科尔沁) Grassland, is the South Gate of Jilin Province. The city covers an area of 14080 km2 with a population of 3.3 million. During the period of China Revolutionary War, the famous and successful Siping War was broken out here. Therefore, the city is named Hero City, which is famous far and near. The mountains in Siping City are beautiful and exquisite. Hada (hā dá 哈达) Summit of Changbai Mountains connects all the mountains, which looks complex and steep. There are fascinating natural scenes and interesting cultural artifacts throughout Siping City. With the bright lakes, green trees and clear water, it's an ideal place for tourism.


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