01Ancient Observatory.jpg
중국 Beijing Ancient Observatory  
Beijing, China  
Beijing Ancient Observatory (běi jīng gǔ guān xiàng tái 北京古观象台) was first built in 1442 in the Ming Dynasty (míng cháo 明朝) (1368—1644), and was the national observatory in the Ming and Qing Dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝) (1644—1911). It is about 14 meters high with 8 astronomical instruments made in Qing Dynasty. Its rich history spans more than five hundred years, making it one of the most historically interesting observatories in the world. It is also famous for its intact and integrated instruments. The 8 instruments were equipped with western technology and Chinese local art design, and they can show us the exchange between the western and eastern and the magnificent western design. After 1949, Beijing Ancient Observatory became a part of Beijing Planetarium. It is the key national relic protection unit now.


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