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중국 Wuling Mountain  
Beijing, China  
Wuling Mountain (wù líng shān 雾灵山) is located at Miyun District (mì yún qū 密云区), northwest of Beijing (běi jīng 北京). The Wuling Mountain is selected as “the most beautiful mountain of Beijing suburb” by Internet users in 2007. With 2,118 meters above sea-level its main peak is also the main peak of Yanshan  Mountain (yān shān 燕山) range. The complexity of terrains and landforms decides its variety of climate. Wuling Mountain was known as Fuling Mountain (fú líng shān 伏凌山) originally. As the mountain is cloudy and foggy all the year round, Fuling Mountain then began to be called Wuling Mountain. It is regarded as the Yellow Mountain (huáng shān 黄山) in North China.


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