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중국 Jinchang--The Nickel City of China  
Gansu, China  
Jinchang (jīn chāng 金昌) is a prefecture-level city in China's Gansu province.The City is located in central Gansu, west of the Yellow River (huáng hé 黄河), north of the Qilian Mountains (qí lián shān 祁连山), and south of the Alashan Plateau (ā lā shàn yòu qí  阿拉善右旗). The southwest of the city borders Qinghai Province (qīng hǎi shěng 青海省) and the northwest borders Inner Mongolia (nèi méng gǔ 内蒙古).  It is a newly developed industrial city founded on the basis of mines, nonferrous metal metallurgy and chemical industries.


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