01Tulugou National.jpg
중국 Tulugou National Forest Park-- Mythic Green Valley  
Gansu, China  
Tulugou State Forest Park (tǔ lǔ gōu guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 吐鲁沟国家森林公园) is situated at the hinterland of Liancheng forest area (lián chéng lín qū 连城林区), Yongdeng County (yǒng dēng xiàn 永登县), about 160 kilometers from Lanzhou City (lán zhōu shì 兰州市), and is the eastern branch of Qilian Range (lán zhōu shì 祁连山), with its elevation ranging from 1998 to 3165 meters above sea level. This park features strong stones, exuberant forest and vivid vegetation cover: pasture on the top, forest in the middle and farmland at the foot. Rare animals,birds and plants add more mystery and beauty to this fairy land. Reputed as Mythic Green Valley, The forest has become an ideal destination for eco-tourism. 


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