01Chaotian Gate.jpg
중국 Chaotian Gate
Chongqing, China
Overlook of Chaotian Gate

Located at the very tip of Yuzhong Peninsular (yú zhōng bàn dǎo 渝中半岛), situated at the junction of the Yangtze (yáng zǐ jiāng 扬子江) and Jialing River (jiā líng jiāng 嘉陵江) in the northeast of Chongqing (chóng qìng 重庆), Chaotian Gate (cháo tiān mén 朝天门) overlooks the two rivers and is surrounded by crags on three sides. It is said to be the best place to start sightseeing, where the muddy, churning waters of the Yangtze meets the transparent water of Jialing River.


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