01Tanggu, Pearl of Binhai New District.jpg
중국 Tanggu, Pearl of Binhai New District
Tianjin, China
Though in November 2009 Binhai (bīn hǎi 滨海) New Area in Tianjin (tiān jīn 天津) was consolidated into an administrative district, and the former subordinate districts of Tanggu (táng gū 塘沽), Hangu (hàn gū 汉沽) and Dagang (dà gǎng 大港) were abolished, many local people still habitually use the old terms of "Tanggu District", "Hangu District" and "Dagang District". "Tanggu" and "TEDA (Tianjin Economic-Technological Development)" are the most popular two words when people think of the new district.


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